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Chinatown Home Cooking | 華埠家鄉味

Feb 2, 2018 – Apr 15, 2018

An exhibit featuring local chefs creating a taste of home through, shopping, cooking, and eating.


Home chefs are purveyors of everyday sustenance and keepers of culinary techniques and traditions which span generations. San Francisco’s Chinatown plays a key role as a destination for Chinese American home chefs hoping to maintain and rediscover their culinary and cultural roots – patronizing their favorite grocery and dried foods stores that form the heart of neighborhood’s economy. Chinatown’s many businesses provide these chefs with a wide variety of fresh, affordable, and hard-to-find ingredients for traditional home-cooked meals. While the spread of large Asian supermarkets around the Bay Area speaks to the impact of Chinese cuisine on broader American society, the oldest Chinatown in the United States still remains a destination for home chefs who visit daily, weekly, or monthly, many having done so for decades.

In association with Spotlight Chinatown (link to A program of Chinatown Community Development Center supporting neighborhood commerce and community. Chinatown Home Cooking is supported by the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD), San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency (SFMTA), and Chinese Chamber of Commerce. The 41 Ross gallery is generously supported by The Kresge Foundation.



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