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Cinematic Harvests - Connie Zheng | 豐收影院 - 鄭韞欣

August 18th - September1st, 2022

August 18th, August 25th, September 1st
Every Thursday 6-8PM
41 Ross

41 Ross Artist-in-Residence Connie Zheng presents Cinematic Harvests, a three-part screening series that will pair independent films centering food, restaurants and farming with small themed dishes that respond to each evening's film program!

Selected films range from documentaries to experimental shorts and emphasize familial relationships, ritual and labor, and movements through history, memory, fantasy and myth. Themes of love, tactility, and elastic time thread through the works as they transport viewers to home kitchens, ghostly restaurants and dreamy fields. Each screening will be roughly 40 to 60 minutes long and include films supported by Canyon Cinema, the Kadist Foundation and the Center for Asian American Media, including a screening of the Emmy-nominated film Bloodline and a Q&A with the filmmakers.

Program Details:

August 18th - Screening of films by artists in the Canyon Cinema collection

Azucena Losana, Tigre del Carbón (2022) - 5 min

Mark Street, Winterwheat (1989) - 8 min

Naomi Uman, Leche (1998) - 30 min

Jodie Mack, Wasteland No. 3: Moons, Sons (2021) - 5 min

Emily Chao, chive pockets (2017) - 3 min

Total runtime: 51 min

All shot on Super 8 or 16mm film, the luminous films in this evening's program feature artists in the Canyon Cinema collection and use food, plants and farming as focal points to map a constellation of movement through time, memory, love, and both the personal and the abstract. Hand-processed visual poems of flowering planets, shimmering orange and plum trees, and hands cupping wheat. A lyrical portrait of a family of ranchers in rural Mexico and their community. A grandmother makes chive pockets for the last time.

August 25th - Screening of films and video works in collaboration with KADIST San Francisco

Wingyee Wu and Lap-See Lam, Mother's Tongue (2018) - 18 min

Thảo Nguyên Phan, Tropical Siesta (2017) - 14 min

Alicia Smith, Teomama (2018) - 5 min

Moe Satt, Hands Around in Yangon (2012) - 7 min

Ana Vaz, Ha Terra! (2016) - 13 min

Total runtime: 57 min

Ancestors, ghosts and spirit companions thread through the experimental films and video works in this evening's program, drawn from the Kadist Collection. This selection of moving-image works emphasize ritual, relationship to place, and speculative journeys through memory, history and myth. Restaurants, fields, markets, and lakes are key locations throughout these films for considering relationships between body, labor, land and place. Join us for ghostly journeys through Chinese restaurants in Stockholm, make-believe games played by children in an agricultural commune in Vietnam, and poetic on-screen performances of mythical origin stories.

September 1st - Screening of Bloodline and Filmmaker Q&A, co-presented with CAAM

James Q. Chan and Santhosh Daniel, Bloodline (2021) - 30 min

We are thrilled to co-present a special screening of the Emmy-nominated film Bloodline, which explores Chef Tu David Phu's genesis as a chef and traces his culinary journey through the lens of family, diaspora, and food. Rooted in Chef Tu's personal reflections and narrative, Bloodline takes viewers through his parents' experiences in the Vietnam War and Khmer Rouge, his upbringing in West Oakland, ascent to fame as a contestant on Top Chef Season 15, and his return home. More than a family history, Bloodline is also an investigation of what mainstream U.S. culture and the culinary establishment choose to value or throw away, whether they are certain life experiences or the parts of a fish. Co-director James Q. Chan and Chef Tu David Phu will join for a filmmaker Q&A afterward. Co-presented with the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM).



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