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City Sound | Toolbox Percussion 「襄聲」| 敲擊襄

November 5th, 2022

:: OPEN STUDIO 工作室開放 ::

11.05 (Sat) 2-5pm

:: Ross Alley Music by Austin Yip (2022) |葉浩堃 (2022):舊呂宋巷音樂 ::

11.05 (Sat) 3pm

Debuting at the 41Ross in 2019, Toolbox Percussion has been forming its creative interest outside of the concert hall to engage and inspire new audiences through sound based exhibition - “A Double Listen”.

This stopover project "City Sound" will include creative soundwalk, research and sound collection in Chinatown, and response exhibition to soundpocket’s recent artist residency “Simple Interactions' ' at the same location. Composer and interdisciplinary artist Austin Yip's new musical composition “Ross Alley Music'' inspired by John Cage’s Living Room Music, featuring a movement arranged by Hong Kong’s percussion master Dr. Lung Heung Wing, bringing the story from Hong Kong to San Francisco Chinatown for this impromptu project.


City Sound | Toolbox Percussion, Louis Siu, Austin Yip, Lily Hoi, Brian Chan, Weichen Lin

「襄聲」| 敲擊襄、邵俊傑、葉浩堃、許莉莉、陳彤和林宥綸



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