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Connie Zheng: Table to Farm - Soft Opening | 鄭韞欣: 從餐桌到農場​

July 28th, 2022

Thursday, July 28 6-8PM
41 Ross

As part of Connie’s residency at 41 Ross, she will be developing public programs and an exhibition that aim to engage visitors in critically (re)considering "farm to table" pathways through the lens of San Francisco Chinatown and a diasporic Asian perspective. In the newly transformed space, the artist presents various works such as a wall-sized map tracing Asian farmworker history in California, a 'reading room' of literary works centered around diverse conceptualizations of "food" and eating, maps of Chinatown food businesses made in tandem with tourists and local residents alike, and a community pantry, among other works that will evolve over the course of the residency.

“It's my hope that these prototypes will encourage viewers to form connections of their own between local and global food cultures, agriculture, California labor history, mapping practices, and the relationship between films and food, while simultaneously supporting the Chinatown community in material ways and learning about its crucial role in American culinary history.” - Connie Zheng



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