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CTA at 30: POWER in UNITY 逆風無畏

August 3 - September 10, 2017

Starting in 1987 when a group of tenants banded together to fight against a pending eviction due to redevelopment of the Orangeland market building, CTA has become a leader in San Francisco’s housing advocacy community with its roots firmly established in fighting unjust evictions and advocating for those in need. This exhibit celebrates the 30th anniversary of CTA’s members, actions, and role in the community through stories, film, photos, and ephemera of its 1500 members.

Evictions and the threat of displacement put a great burden and stress on vulnerable seniors and families. Throughout its 30 years, CTA has played a key role in organizing efforts, galvanizing and uniting tenants to fight evictions, and keeping hope alive. Many tenants join CTA after they seek assistance and support in fighting their own evictions. Members recognize that many others face displacement and evictions and they collectively work to ensure the future of affordable housing in San Francisco. As the current CTA president once said, “We aren’t home, until we all are home.”



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