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Infinite Cycle | 無限循環

Sept 11, 2018 – Oct 21, 2018

Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco, in partnership with Bamboo Curtain Studio of Taiwan and WMA of Hong Kong, presents “Infinite Cycle,” an art intervention and exhibition that convenes diverse artistic voices to address how social-minded arts organizations -- and artists as individuals situated within specific geological contexts -- leverage civic awareness of environmental issues through art. The group exhibition explores how art practice and institutional model can be incorporated into the cycle of environmental sustainability, and what that translates back to inform and influence the community at large. As an affiliated event of the Global Climate Action Summit, the exhibition is an invitation to join the global creative conversations around the urgency of taking action and demanding change, calling attention to decision-making processes that are dominated by the mainstream.

舊金山中華文化中心與台灣竹圍工作室和香港WMA合作,推出「無限循環」,一場匯集多元化思想的介入和展覽。「無限循環」探討了具有社會意識的文化組織 ,以及在特定環境下作為個體的藝術家,通過藝術來提升公民對環境問題的意識。本次群展討論如何將創意實踐和製度模式納入環境可持續性的循環中。 作為 Global Climate Action Summit, 的附屬活動,該展覽圍繞採取行動和要求變革的緊迫性的全球對話,呼籲大家關注主流主導的決策過程。


Gao Ling, The Mirror: Hong Kong (The Big Mist Art Project) , 2014. The Mirror Series, a collection of photographs of different cities, uses an absurd aesthetic visual language to warn of how air pollution can bring a city to its extremities. The Mirror: Hong Kong is one city portrayed in The Mirror Series. Courtesy of the Artist.

Supported by: Community Challenges Grant

Additional support: The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Grants for the Arts, CCC Contemporaries\

BCS funding is supported by Ministry of Culture of Taiwan (The Rainbow Initiative Funds)

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