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Chi Chi Master: Disability Art Residency Program Presented by CCCSF’s 41 Ross 池池大師展能藝術駐留計劃

“Chi Chi Master: Disability Art Residency Program” Open studio:
Feb 10 - Mar 2 (Tue - Sat) | 12-6pm

“Chi Chi Master: Disability Art Residency Program” Artist-led Reception:


Feb 17 | 1-3pm

"Chi Chi Master: Disability Art Residency Program" is an art collaboration project presented by artist Clayton Lo and artist-collaborator Jeff Ng. Taking place this February,  they will host a three-week residency and community outreach program at 41 Ross in San Francisco's Chinatown. In addition to showcasing the works of Hong Kong Disability artists, the program will invite visitors to explore the lived experience of blindness as embodied in festive rituals and cultural memory, ultimately broadening the imagination of Asian art, culture, and diversity.

The first week of Open Studio at 41 Ross will showcase recent literature on the concept of disability, reflecting on the life insights brought to Lo by the traditional Chinese “destiny culture.” During the residency period, Lo will lead a “Participatory Observation Workshop,” engaging in in-depth conversations with visitors.

During the Lunar New Year holiday period, Lo will host a series of performance art pieces in the vicinity of San Francisco's Chinatown, assuming the role of "Chi Chi Master," including artistic fortune-telling, New Year's celebration rituals, and more.

Throughout the residency, artist and collaborator Jeff Ng will document and explore these disability art performances, and present his discoveries at the exhibition venue, examining how these performances bring about reflections on different urban environments and their characteristics

Presented by CCC (Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco), we invite you to the artist-led reception on February 17, join the artists in a special exhibition walkthrough and conversation. 


About the Artists

Clayton Lo is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is a visually impaired person with neurodiversity and has been involved in poetry creation, literary and cultural criticism, as well as literary magazine and community art curation in Hong Kong. 

He has received numerous local literary and inclusive art awards, published personal poetry collections, art criticism collections, and research works on HK Inclusive art. He frequently promotes the knowledge related to Disability Studies and Disability Art in Hong Kong's art associations of Disability, community cultural development centers, RTHK, and other public media. He also serves as a director of art associations and an advisor for art accessibility projects, making him an outstanding Disability artist in both academic research and artistic fields in Hong Kong.

In 2018, he joined the curatorial team of the Hong Kong Haptic Art Festival and compiled a bilingual report "Brief History of Hong Kong Haptic Art Development" for the project, documenting the development of a comprehensive picture of a case of inclusive art in Hong Kong. Since the inclusive art development in Hong Kong is still in its early stages and receives little attention from the domestic academic community, he tries to explore this project with  deeper academic and experiential exchanges with different experts. In the past two years, he has also initiated critical disability theory reading groups with a group of inclusive artists and graduate students. They have jointly published publications such as Crip Zine, focusing on promoting more disability-related art initiatives in Hong Kong and neighboring Chinese-speaking regions.

盧勁馳,藝名盧勁池。現為香港中文大學文化及宗教研究系博士候選人。他是位神經多樣性的視力受障者,一直從事香港的新詩創作、文學和文化評論、亦曾參與文學雜誌和社區藝術的策劃,獲多個本地的文學和展能藝術獎項,出版個人詩集、藝術評論集和共融藝術研究著作,並經常在香港展能藝術會、社區文化發展中心、香港電台和其他公共媒體,介紹殘障研究(Disability Studies和Disability Art)的相關學科知識,並擔任多個藝團的董事和藝術通達項目顧問,可說是香港在學術研究領域和藝術方面同樣表現卓越的展能藝術家。

自2018年起,他開始加入香港觸感藝術節的策展團隊,並為該項目編撰了一本中英對照的《香港觸感藝術發展小史》,紀錄了一個香港完整的共融藝術項目的發展。由於香港的共融藝術發展仍屬初階,學術界對此的關注甚少,他認為有需要把這類共融項目探索的經驗,跟不同學科和專業人材分享和交流。在最近兩年,他亦跟一群展能藝術家和研究生發起批判殘障學理論讀書會,亦共同出版過Crip Zine等刊物,著力在香港和鄰近的華語地區,推動更多殘障文化相關的藝術倡議。

Jeff Ng, who comes from a design training background, has years of experience in commercial design, artistic photography, and community art documentation. He has participated in Clayton's project of book publishing, tactile art, and multimedia works, providing support in visual aesthetics management and documentary recording. Together, Jeff and Clayton now explore the concepts of artistic collaboration, that integrate visual disability, installation,  literature, and tactile art, as well as cross-media creative methodologies.



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Grants for the Arts, Walter and Elise Haas Fund, San Francisco Foundation, CCC Contemporaries


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