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Present Tense 2017: New Urban Legend: Resistance of Space | 新城市傳奇:對空間的抵抗

May 17 - July 16, 2017

The Chinese Culture Center (CCC) of San Francisco continued its Present Tense exhibition series with New Urban Legend: Resistance of Space, an exhibition featuring four international site-specific projects that engage with local communities in an exploration of urban spaces and the issues embedded in them. New Urban Legend includes video, photography, and objects from works by Bay Area artists Weston Teruya and Laura Boles Faw, as well as two large scale projects in China involving more than 25 artists—one headed up by curator Man Yu in the Pearl River Delta, and the other by co-curators Michelle Wong and Wei Leng Tay in Hong Kong. The exhibition is curated by CCC Assistant Curator Ziying Duan and overseen by CCC artistic director and curator Abby Chen.

​New Urban Legend: Resistance of Space is CCC’s third exhibition in the Present Tense series, designed to showcase fresh perspectives on contemporary culture in Chinese and Chinese American communities and to serve as a platform for young, emerging artists in the Bay Area and beyond. Launched in 2007, the series has included Future Perfect curated by Glen Helfand (2015) and Chinese Character curated by Kevin B. Chen (2009) in collaboration with CCC curators.



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