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Community Agreements



  • 拾起並丟棄空間裡的垃圾。

  • 將物品放回它們歸屬的地方。

  • 清潔您使用過的工具和刷子。

  • 留意您佔用的空間和資源。

  • 正確標記任何共享物品。

  • 請將廚餘垃圾扔到外面的垃圾桶。



  • 請給予有建設性和有益的反饋。如果您收到反饋,請禮貌回應。

  • 接受並尊重不同觀念 —— 每個人都為空間帶來不同的生活體驗和角度且可能和你的理念不同。

  • 激勵他人:表達欣賞,分享資源,在事情完成後給予稱讚。

  • 聽他人講話時請勿打斷。

  • 在空間內外都請留意音量大小 —— 我們想要尊重我們的鄰舍和同僚。

  • 歧視和騷擾都不會被容忍,而且會導致您從空間被撤離。

  • 做窄巷的好鄰舍;留意您的周圍。

  • 開始新事物的時候請給予彼此耐心和理解。



  • 對建議和其他觀點保持開放和好奇。

  • 承認自己的錯誤並繼續前行。

  • 練習以“我”開頭的發言如:“我認為,我感覺,我覺得。。。”。

  • 使用性別中性的語言如:夥計們,你們,大家。

  • 對你的言行產生的影響負責。

  • 說出您的需求並在需要時尋求幫助。

  • 採用非暴力溝通方式來解決衝突;不要有責備和羞辱。


更重要的是,在場並享受 :-)

Love Our Space:

  • Pick up and throw away garbage in the space.

  • Put objects back into the places they belong.

  • Clean tools and brushes used.

  • Be mindful of the space and resources you take up.

  • Properly label anything that is meant for the community to use.

  • Please throw away any food waste in garbage cans outside.


Love Our Neighbors:

  • Give each other patience and understanding when initiating new things. 

  • When giving feedback, be constructive and productive about it. If you are receiving feedback, engage in a respectful manner.

  • Assume people have good intentions - everyone brings different lived experiences and perspectives to the space and may not have the same knowledge as you.

  • Elevate others - show appreciation, share resources, give credit where it’s due.

  • Listen to others without interrupting. 

  • Be mindful about loud noise in and outside of this space - we want to respect our neighbors and our peers.

  • Be a good neighbor to the alleyway; be mindful of your surroundings.

  • Discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated and will result in your removal within the space.


Love Ourselves:

  • Be open and curious about suggestions or other perspectives.

  • Own up to your mistakes and move on from them.

  • Practice ‘I’ statements when speaking ex:”I think, I feel, I believe…”

  • Use gender-neutral language ex: folks, y’all, everyone 

  • Be accountable for the impacts of your actions and words.

  • Speak up about your needs and ask for support if needed.

  • Use non-violent communication to solve conflicts; no blaming and shaming others. 


Most importantly, be present and have fun :-)


If you have any suggestions, please email us at

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