CCDC Youth Program 30th Anniversary Exhibit

CCDC Youth Programs 30th Anniversary Exhibit Grand Opening Instagram Post.png
41 Ross | Friday March 11th - Friday April 2nd, 2022 
Free Admission || Hours: Fri-Sun 11AM-4PM

Chinatown Community Development Center is celebrating the 30th anniversary of their youth programs! Take a retrospective look on all their programs, from Adopt-an-Alleyway to SRO Youth Program and create your own scratchboard art! The exhibit's grand opening is today from 1-4PM; the opening hours are from Friday to Sunday 11-4PM until April 2nd. 

Leymusoom SarangBang Grand Opening 

(레이무숨 사랑방 개장 행사 // 六毋神之舍廊房慶典)

41 Ross | Friday April 15th, 2022 5:00PM
Free Admission || RSVP Here

The Chinese Culture Center and 41 Ross Artist-in-Residence Heesoo Kwon welcomes you to Leymusoom Sarang-bang Grand Opening! 


This event’s namesake “Sarangbang” (사랑방, 舍廊房) references a study and leisure room located in Korean traditional houses that were designated only for men. However, when you take the Korean word apart, ‘sarang’ means love, and ‘bang’ means room. For the artist, the ‘Room of Love” emerges as a conceptual space for prospering feminism and queer fluidity through leisure and communal activities. On Friday April 15, join us at the “Sarangbang '' to explore a digital shrine of Chinatown small businesses, play time-travel ping pong, hang out by the shrimp BBQ, and be a part of the Leymusoom universe! 


The 41 Ross Artist-in-Residence Program is an exchange platform for artists to develop new  work and expand on community-based practices located in SF’s Chinatown. As a part of the artist’s ongoing practice “Leymusoom,” this ceremony is co-created with community members and is inspired by the urban conditions of the neighborhood, while also marking the midway point of  Heesoo’s 3-month residency period. Follow the journey of Heesoo Kwon’s residency at 41 Ross, behind-the-scenes, and more: @41.ross.


Recognizing the neighborhood as a universe of converging connections and relationships , the artist brings together community members and Asian diaspora guest artists to celebrate our past, present and future with a communal ceremony.  



5:00PM  | Doors Open 


5:00 - 7:30PM  | Ceremony hosted by Heesoo Kwon 

Shrimp Car March by Andrew Sungtaek Ingersoll and Oliver Hawk Holden (starting point at CCC)

Taste of Desire by Sun Park 

Rhythmic Dances by Portsmouth Square Dance Club

Communal 3D Scanning by Heesoo Kwon 

Hwa Performance by Hwa Records



The event will be hybrid outdoor/indoor. 41 Ross will be open to the public during the event. Masks are required in indoor spaces. We will be checking proof of vaccination with a valid ID. Refreshments will be provided, but limited to outdoor consumption. RSVP strongly recommended.

Learn more about the artists here.