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I’m a Chinese American high school senior who has a big love of video games, gardening and of course, art. I was born and raised in SF and I consider myself a part of my school’s theater community and queer youth. I have a lot of different aspirations and I hope to get to them all!

I consider myself an artist who is influenced a lot by anime and even more by my Pinterest feed. My style because of that is very varied and all over the place as I take inspiration from whatever or whomever I think looks awesome. I like to explore the concepts of death, money and queerness and I mainly focus on drawing the human body although I have been branching out recently.

I create because thinking how someone draws out an art piece to its final form is bewildering. I find art a magical way to depict my hopes, expectations and emotions using them as an outlet, a way to connect with others and also make things I find cool and customary built for me.

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