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By Youth, For You x Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project |迷你酷兒影院

May 14- June 30, 2021

This film program showcases the diverse visions and voices of queer and transgender Asian and Pacific Islander youth. All of these films were created through QWOCMAP’s award-winning Filmmaker Training Program. Since QWOCMAP was founded in 2000, over 450 films have been created through our filmmaking workshops, the largest catalog of QTBIPOC films in the world.

QWOCMAP disrupts the current film landscape by developing richer, authentic, and more complex representations of our community on screen and behind the camera. We provide the equipment, the support, and the intensive, professional training that make it possible for our participants to take control of their creative vision. Our filmmaking workshops are free because film is the most expensive art form in the world. And in the fight for social justice, stories by, for, and about queer women of color, both cisgender and transgender, and nonbinary, gender nonconforming, and transgender people of color of any orientation, need to be seen, heard, and shared.

"By Youth, For You x QWOCMAP" is a programming of “WOMEN: From Her to Here,” an exhibition at the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco exploring local and universal experiences of queer belonging and agency.


Runtime: 64 minutes

2003-2020, digital films

A Letter to My Father by Karen Liu

Ka Mana O Ke Ola by Megan Kaleipumehana Cabral

Yours, Anonymous by Puck Lo

I am Kavi by Kavi Dhan

Home by Christina Lang

Disquiet by Sam Ku

Every Goddamn New Jordan by Natalie Kim

Kimonos & Tamales by Kristina Cervantes-Yoshida

Troo Bloo by Debbie Ng

Dinner for Two by Ami Nashimoto

Food with Friends by Fiza Jihan & Mina Halim

Skate Her by Kristin Wygal



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