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The Rabbit Hole | Lucky Rabbit Pictures

November 15, 2022 - February 15, 2023 ​

During their 41 Ross Artist-in-Residence, Lucky Rabbit Pictures transformed 41 Ross into "The Rabbit Hole", an art space dedicated to supporting arts + culture and Chinatown businesses by bridging the gap between monolingual Chinatown residents and Chinese-Americans. Public programming includes open houses, film screenings + workshops, and a youth art exhibition. In addition, Lucky Rabbit Pictures will be producing a documentary surrounding the impending demolition of the Portsmouth Square Bridge (the famous “Chinabanks Bridge,”) and the inhabitants of this urban jungle: the Chinese elderly, skaters, and the pigeons. In addition, they will be developing a television series - an anthology science fiction series set in the California ghost town Locke -- the last rural Chinatown in America. Inspired by 'The Twilight Zone,' the series will explore the only town made by the Chinese for the Chinese.

"There is a gap in understanding between the public (and even American born Asians) with Asians from Asia. I want to explore how we can find common ground, and create art that grants others access to unravel their identity like I am having right now. Maybe in this way we can create a new community." - Spencer Tsang (Former AIR | Film Director + Producer LRP)

"We are children of immigrants, directors, cinematographers, writers, and editors. As a young up-and-coming creative collective, our films have won awards in festivals from LA to India. We've been named an Allstate National Film Fellow, a Seeding Creativity grant recipient, and most recently the current artists in residence with the Chinese Culture Center - one of the leading art institutions in San Francisco based in our Chinatown. We are the [youngest] ever AIR's in this position and the first filmmakers. Here is a little video we made that can hopefully tell you a bit more about us and the residency: Becoming the Rabbit Hole." - Lucky Rabbit Pictures, 2023



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